The Launch of Meet Cute Creative

Well today is the day.

The official launch of Meet Cute Creative, a full service digital marketing and social media management boutique for authorpreneurs and small business owners.

Getting to this day took a hell of a lot of blood (metaphorically speaking), sweat (somewhat metaphorically speaking) and tears (quite literally). Hours of love went into the design, execution and implementation of Meet Cute Creative. And I am so incredibly proud of how far I’ve come, and so excited to see what comes next.

Meet Cute Creative is the re-branding of my previous side hustle, JW Author Services. I had started JW Author Services in a rush. After independently publishing my first novels and designing my covers, creating teaser graphics and book trailers, a few author friends approached me looking for me to help them with their graphics and promotion. One author friend led to another, which led to another until I was balancing over a dozen clients. It was then that I got approached by a friend of a friend who asked if I offered social media management. A quick online course and a deep dive into Google and I realized I knew social media management. In managing my own social media platform, I was well-versed in Facebook’s changing algorithms, knew how to interpret CPC, conversion rates and ROI and had growing mastery of hashtags and SEO optimization.

More importantly, I understood that social media was a key to building relationships and converting strangers into customers. That was the power of social media.

So I began to think. And think… And think some more. What if I could bundle up all this knowledge I’ve garnered in my journey and offer it as a service. Hell, if I could have afforded it when I was starting out, I would have outsourced 99% of the work I had done.

But I didn’t. 

And now you get to benefit from my metaphorical blood, sweat and literal tears.

Welcome to Meet Cute Creative. Thank you for supporting me on this journey.

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