5 Social Media Posts to Drum Up Excitement About Your Next Book Release

When you’re in the middle of writing your next book, it can be hard to remember that you need to already be promoting that book – in addition to writing the damn thing! Talk about overwhelming and confusing. How do you promote a book when you may only have 5,000 words written?

Here are 5 easy and fun ways to drum up some excitement and start promoting your next book baby on social media!

1. Share some songs that are inspiring your current WIP.

Sharing songs that are inspiring your book, or even certain scenes in your book, is a fun and creative way to get readers excited about your WIP and also help them start to get the emotional feel of your book. Readers love getting to know the authors behind their books- and sharing your musical inspiration is a fun way for them to get to know both you and start learning about your amazing book baby.

2. Hold a poll or a contest to name a character in your book.

Getting your readers to help contribute to the creative side of your book is a fun way to get readers engaged and invested in your book. After all, if you helped name a character in a book, wouldn’t you want to read it and find out what happens to that character you picked out a name for?

3. Share a teaser quote or book trailer.

Readers LOVE teasers- and the hotter, the better! Try to find a teaser that captures a really steamy moment, or one that highlights the relationship between your main characters. Adding a great teaser quote to an image is an easy and low-maintenance way for readers to get excited, and to share with their friends- a win for you because it helps expose you to potential new readers! Book trailers are another great way to offer a visual look inside your new book- and are so easy and fun for readers to share. Plus Facebook’s algorithms prefer video content, so they will help promote your video for free. Win-win!

Looking for a designer to help create gorgeous teasers and viral-worthy book trailers? Check out some of the teasers and book trailers I have designed for other authors!

4. Share pictures of your character inspiration or a mood board.

Pinterest is a great way to help readers get a more visual feel for your book. You can use Pinterest to share pictures of what you imagine your characters to look like or perhaps share pictures of scenes from your books. But you can even get more creative! If your heroine is a baker, share fun recipes she might bake herself. Or if you are writing a motorcycle club romance, share some pictures of your hero’s tattoos. This is a fun way to express your creative side, and for readers to get invested in your story and the world you are creating!

5. Post an #amwriting selfie!

The #amwriting hashtag is a fun way to discover other authors and share the process behind the book. Whether you post the famous coffee cup at the cafe + laptop shot or a selfie of you in your at-home office, this is a fun opportunity for you to share the process behind the writing, and get your readers to see a new side of you!

So what are you waiting for? Get out and start promoting your next book baby using these fun and creative ways to get your readers excited about your next release!

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