30 Most Popular #Hashtags for Romance Authors

Posting on Instagram, but worried you’re not reaching your target audience? Or anxious new readers might not be able to find you? Hashtags are a great way to make sure you are reaching out to your potential readers! Thing of hashtags like bait on a fishing line- if you don’t put them on your posts before posting (ie: casting your line), then how can you expect to hook any fish?

No idea where to start? No worries. For this #freebiefriday (see that kickass hashtag action), I am sharing the 30 most popular hashtags for romance authors that you can use to help promote yourself and your amazing books!

  1. #bookstagram (33,626,600 posts)
  2. #amwriting (2,656,900 posts)
  3. #goodreads (2,500,000 posts)
  4. #freebies (1,365,800 posts)
  5. #freebie (813,600 posts)
  6. #kindleunlimited (429,000 posts)
  7. #booksofig (405,200 posts)
  8. #authorsofig (348,000 posts)
  9. #romancebooks (165,500 posts)
  10. #romancenovel (163,600 posts)
  11. #kindlebooks (163,200 posts)
  12. #freebooks (154,700 posts)
  13. #freebiefriday (115,700 posts)
  14. #freebook (100,900 posts)
  15. #romancenovels (95,800 posts)
  16. #romancewriter (80,800 posts)
  17. #amwritingromance (68,700 posts)
  18. #romanceauthor  (67,700 posts)
  19. #kindleunlimitedbooks (36,400 posts)
  20. #newbookrelease (16,800 posts)
  21. #steamyromance  (12,600 posts)
  22. #steamyreads (12,200 posts)
  23. #romanceauthors (10,300 posts)
  24. #freereads (8,000 posts)
  25. #kindleunlimitedromance (1,900 posts)
  26. #steamyread (2,400 posts)
  27. #freeromancebooks (623 posts)
  28. #freeromancebook (155 posts)
  29. #romanceauthorsofig (100 posts)
  30. #freeromancenovel (55 posts)

Now, obviously some of these might not apply to you- no worries- but make sure you are using hashtags strategically. For example, we can see that the hashtag #goodreads is mega popular with over 2,500,000 posts. Is there a way you can mention Goodreads in your post? Can you make a post about following you on Goodreads, or adding your new release to their TBR, so you can add that hashtag?

Or, are you having a sale and making a book free for a limited time? Hashtag that up and make sure you are reaching readers who search Instagram for free reads!

Now go out there, you social media pro, and hashtag it up!

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