Why You Need to Quit Linktree

Link.tree is a popular platform that helps you collect all your important links – from your book page on Amazon to your website and social media profiles – on one very simple page that you can link to from your Instagram profile. You’ve probably even clicked one without even knowing!

An example of a Link.tree

So why not use Link.tree? So many people use it- and it’s free!

So yes a lot of people do use it, but that’s because it’s easy to set up and update. And yes, the basic version of Link.tree is free. However, unless you spend the $6/month for the premium features, you’re getting a fairly dud product. For instance, you can’t track analytics. You can only see how many people click on your link.tree- but not which links they clicked out. Kind of useless, right? If you have analytics, you can easily see that people seem to be clicking on. So if you see more people clicking on your iBooks book links, you might want to consider crafting an Instagram post highlighting your iBooks offerings.

Additionally, the free version comes with limited customization and personalization. That means your link.tree might not be in line with your branding or color schemes. Not a super big deal, but being an author is a business and it’s important to keep consistent with your brand and image.

So what’s the alternative?

Lucky for you, you most likely already have the infrastructure to create a better version of a link.tree. How? Host it on your website!

Hosting your “link.tree” on your website comes with a host of benefits:

✅ free

✅ consistent with your branding

✅ easy to update

✅ customizable

AND most important :✅ You can track analytics

Don’t underestimate the importance of being able to customize and track your analytics- these are powerful tools. Customization allows you to put whatever you want on your page- pictures, a book trailer video- anything! And because it is hosted on your website, some viewers might even click around to check out your homepage or other pages on your website. With link.tree, it’s a whole extra click and step to get to your website- don’t risk losing impatient potential readers!

Want more information?

Check out the page I made for my own author page and if you are interested in adding a page like this to your website and taking back the control, send me an email at [email protected] to get started!

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