5 Rules When Using Pop-Ups

When you think of pop-up ads, do you get warm, fuzzy feelings? Probably not… and there’s a reason for that. They can be annoying, intrusive and can feel spammy.

This is an example of a fun pop-up.

But they don’t always have to! Here are 5 ways to make your pop-ups give warm, fuzzy feelings to your visitors (or at least be less annoying!)

1. Don’t use pop-ups without offering something in return

Now don’t get me wrong, you don’t have to offer a free book or your first born child, but you need to explain what you are offering has value. A simple “Sign up for my newsletter to get the exclusive updates on new releases and sales” can be enough as you are offering value. A pop-up to say “Hello! Welcome to my site”? Skip it.

2. Keep it short – and to the point

Chances are, unless you are offering something SUPER valuable (like your first born child), people are not going to subscribe to your newsletter via your pop-up. BUT it plants the idea in their head, they’ve seen your valuable offer and when the next prompt to subscribe arises (and hopefully on your homepage!), they will have a higher likelihood of signing up.

3. Time your pop-up

Set your pop-up to pop after a few seconds, not immediately when the website loads. Let your visitors enter your website and get their bearings before bombarding them. Or you can also set the pop-off to appear when they are about to leave your site, which can sometimes remind them to subscribe!

4. Make it easy to close

The worst thing in the world (literally, THE worst) is when you can’t figure out how to close a pop-up. The close button is hard to find and you can’t get rid of it by clicking outside of the box. Don’t do this- it will annoy visitors and possibly send them away from your site.

5. Don’t set your pop-up to every page and if you can, enable cookies

Pleaaaaaaaaaase do not set your pop-up to work on every page. It can drive visitors nuts and really annoy them to the point of clicking out of your site. And if you can, use a pop-up that enables cookies so you visitors to your website only get the pop-up once- not every time they visit. You can set it to re-pop every day, or a certain number of days. Do this. Please.

Now you’ve got the rules down pat, go off and make your pop-ups!

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