New Facebook: Some Good Things!

So, I know the new Facebook layout is feeling kind of meh. Besides, do we really need such a drastic change in our lives right now?! But since we’re at the whim of Facebook, we gotta work through the pain and find the positives of the new Facebook. So without a further ado, I am going to share with you 4 awesome new perks of the new Facebook.

1. New CTA (Call to Action) Buttons for your Facebook Page Banners

To add a CTA, click the ‘edit’ button below your cover photo and select which CTA button to add. The CTA will encourage people to take direct action once they are on your page. Check out all the options you have below!

2. New Analytic Data in Creator Studio

Facebook has stepped up with analytics info, such as showing frequent visitors and most engaged users. If you haven’t used Facebook’s Creator Studio, you are missing it out on tons of rich data on who is visiting your page!

3. Track Your Competitors

A cool feature that you may not know about is the ability to track your competitors and see how their Facebook pages are doing. Some things you can see: their engagement rates, page likes and how many times they are posting per week. You can also track several pages at the same time.

4. Prioritizing Groups

On the homepage is a new tab just for Groups, separate from the Newsfeed that just shows updates from Groups. While we already knew that Facebook Groups were important, this is a good reminder to step up our game!

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