Content Creation


Digital content marketing helps your customers connect your brand with valuable information, positioning you as a resource and authority. 

Don't underestimate the power of content as a tool for marketing. Combined with the force of SEO optimization, digital content is a way for you to stay above the noise and stand out as a resource for your customers - and most importantly, potential customers.

I have worked with family-owned tech companies, romance authors, and non-profits in creating engaging, relevant and valuable content that drives traffic and interest to your brand.


  • Blog Content: Engaging, shareable content to post on your blog that is easily shared via social media to drive traffic back to your website. 
  • Website Content: Look, you know your brand and your company. You just don't know exactly how to translate that fuzzy feeling into actual human words. That's where I come in. 
  • Sales Funnels: Sales funnels are powerful because they have the ability to convert passerbys into actual paying customers. And there's a reason people go gaga over sales funnels: they are automated tools that sell for you. That's right- once set up and automated, sales funnels bring customers straight to you. Send me an email to discover how we can build a unique sales funnel that bring the clients straight to you. 
  • PDF Guides / E-Books: Speaking of sale funnels... Have an amazing idea for a funnel but no idea how to capture it in an engaging and dynamic way? Have no fear- the queen of content creation is here (and graphic design, so I've totally got you, boo!)
  • Other/Misc: Want to create a fun quiz for your website, or how about a cool recipe that goes along with your book or business? Let me translate your brilliant ideas into actual copy! The wackier- the better!



In order to write you amazing copy and produce high-quality, SEO-rich content, I need to understand your brand. 

And the best way to understand your brand is to get to know you. 

I will send a short survey and interrogate you (in a fun way, I promise!) on all things your brand. From there we will discuss the specific copy you are looking for, and what you are trying to say. I will work to harness the perfect message for your copy and your brand and voila! You have amazing copy to share all over your social media and website that can inspire clients and position you as a leader and resource in your field. 

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