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Digital content marketing helps your customers connect your brand with valuable information, positioning you as a resource and authority. 

Don't underestimate the power of content as a tool for marketing. Combined with the force of SEO optimization, digital content is a way for you to stay above the noise and stand out as a resource for your customers - and most importantly, potential customers.

I have worked with family-owned tech companies, romance authors, and non-profits in creating engaging, relevant and valuable content that drives traffic and interest to your brand.

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  • Blog Content: Engaging, shareable content to post on your blog that is easily shared via social media to drive traffic back to your website. 
  • Website Content: Look, you know your brand and your company. You just don't know exactly how to translate that fuzzy feeling into actual human words. That's where I come in. 
  • Sales Funnels: Sales funnels are powerful because they have the ability to convert passerbys into actual paying customers. And there's a reason people go gaga over sales funnels: they are automated tools that sell for you. That's right- once set up and automated, sales funnels bring customers straight to you. Send me an email to discover how we can build a unique sales funnel that bring the clients straight to you. 
  • PDF Guides / E-Books: Speaking of sale funnels... Have an amazing idea for a funnel but no idea how to capture it in an engaging and dynamic way? Have no fear- the queen of content creation is here (and graphic design, so I've totally got you!)
  • Other/Misc: Want to create a fun quiz for your website, or how about a cool recipe that goes along with your book or business? Let me translate your brilliant ideas into actual copy! The wackier- the better!



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