general PA support

Looking for a little bit of help with everything from newsletter creation to managing your Facebook reader group to creating graphics? 

We can partner with you to create or build up your author street team, distribute ARC's, manage all your social media, coordinate Facebook group takeovers, set up newsletter swaps, help update your website and more.

Our services are bundled as monthly packages and start at $500/month for up to 20 hours. We customize all our packages based on our author's needs and suggest you set up a free introductory call or chat with us so we can best understand your needs and provide you with an accurate quote.

Please note: we are currently booking general PA support clients for April 2022 as we onboard our new PA. 

social media management

Not loving the fact that you're constantly needing to schedule it all yourself and keep up with a posting schedule to stay relevant in the ever changing world of social media?

We will partner with you to create a content calendar and manage posting it for you each week. We do ask that you initially provide some direction on what content you want for your social media, but we are happy to find this content myself, follow a schedule you lay out, or a mix of the three. This package, on average, includes about 5-7 posts a week on the channel of your choosing, as well as stories on the channels that call for them when relevant. You will receive occasional surveys  to assist me in keeping your social media channels in your voice. We will work to find the optimal posting times for you on each network you are on, and discuss strategies with you on how we can grow your following. Channels include Facebook page, Facebook group, Instagram account, Twitter account, and possibly others.

author platform creation

You love to write and are stuck in the social media overwhelm of setting up your author platform. You wish being an author could be just about writing incredible books! 

Does this sound like you?

It's okay. That's where we come in. We can get you set up on all the social media platforms, creating a unified look that matches your brand.

What we'll do:

  • Have a preliminary conversation to discuss your goals. What kind of presence on social media do you want? What is your brand message?
  • Discuss how we can best find your ideal readers and how to set up those platforms
  • Create your author media kit
  • Set up your author website by securing your custom domain, hosting and setting up and populating your website with SEO, including submitting your website to search engines
  • Set up a Facebook page, Instagram account, Twitter account and Pinterest page and populate with all your information and book details
  • Create a set of branded graphics for you to use on your social media, tying your brand together.
  • Develop a basic content calendar that you can customize for your brand
  • Provide you with strategy suggestions to get your social media game going!

newsletter management

This includes set up, creation, and maintenance of your e-newsletter each month. We will need to be informed in advance of any book sales and/or blog features so that we can be sure to link up to them in the newsletter. We will decide on a day each month for your newsletter and you will receive a preview before it goes out. We will ask for a personal note from you for your subscribers each month, but otherwise we will completely handle the set up. This includes 1-2 newsletters each month, as well as setting up "newsletter swaps" with other authors if you'd like to do so to grow your subscriber base.  Please note, this does not include any monthly fees the newsletter management service you select might charge once you've reached their minimum subscriber threshold for the free tier. 

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