Social Media Services


You've got a kickass business and are living the entrepreneur dream. Except for one minor detail: you can't tell a tweet from a snap from an insta-story.

It's okay. That's where we come in. We can get you set up on all the social media platforms, creating a unified look that matches your brand.

What we'll do:

  • Have a preliminary conversation to discuss your goals. What kind of presence on social media do you want? What is your brand message?
  • Set up a Facebook page, Instagram account, Twitter account and Pinterest page and populate with all your information.
  • Create a set of branded graphics for you to use on your social media, tying your brand together.
  • Develop a basic content calendar that you can customize for your brand
  • Provide you with basic strategy suggestions to get your social media game going!

investment ___ $250


Looking for the full shebang? Then check out our social media management opportunities.

We start off with a full audit of your social media. And then we have a conversation. Where are you now, and where do you want to go? I work with you to create a social media marketing strategy by developing a detailed, customized content calendar with planned posts that aim to promote your brand and boost sales. Win-win!


More specifically?

  • Creating 3- 5 Facebook pages posts a week of a mix of  provided content and curated customized content with branded graphics 
  • Providing high touch and timely customer service to inquiries on your social media 
  • Managing your Facebook groups by generating unique content, responding to comments and approving member requests.
  • Posting unique content that ties back to your brand to your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest accounts.
  • Creating branded graphics that tie your brand, website and social media together in a beautiful, coordinated bow.
  • Engaging and interacting with customers, potential customers and other businesses in your field to create and foster relationships.


investment ___ $500/month

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