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Website Design for Authors

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Welcome to Meet Cute Creative! My name is Jessica and I am an author, website designer and toddler mom. I'm proud to design websites that are 100% customizable, never templated and easy to update and maintain. Scroll down to learn more about me and see how we can partner together to make your website design remarkable. 

As an author, your website is your number one selling tool.

what does your website say about you?

Why should you invest in an author website?

While we love social media and believe you can build a strong and powerful presence on any social media platform, we don't recommend putting all your eggs just in one basket.

Your website is owned by you. You control it. Used as a platform to share your brand and build your mailing list, your website can do it all. Investing in your website is an investment in your career. 


Daily post ideas, 500+ customizable Canva templates, hundreds of engagement prompts and questions for you to use on your author social media and in your Facebook reader groups! All for just $39.

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